Automatic recognition of the experimental unit

After the base module has been set up, it recognizes the respective experimental unit via a contactless, electronic interface and automatically selects the appropriate software in the PLC. The selected software is displayed in the user interface of the touch screen.

Control via Touch screen

The operation and control of the HM 250 basic module and of the accessories HM 250.01 – HM 250.11 is done via the integrated PLC with touch screen. Alternatively, an end device takes over the operation via the integrated WLAN function. Up to 10 end devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) can perform the tests via screen mirroring.

intuitive handling, no previous knowledge necessary

The user interface shows how to connect the experimental unit and guides the user through the preparation and execution of the experiments. Automatic venting of the lines is also included. In addition, pages with basic information about the individual experiments are displayed.

all measurement results digitally recordable

Data transfer via USB for versatile external use of measured values and screenshots e.g. evaluation in Excel

screen mirroring on up to 10 terminals

Integrated WLAN router for operation and control via an end device and for screen mirroring on up to 10 end devices: PC, tablet, smartphone